What Is Jeet Kune Do?

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I didn’t get my certification from an online program or going to seminars. I got it under the direct training of Sifu Chris Kent, one of the original backyard students of Dan Inosanto during Bruce Lee’s lifetime.
You’ll learn how to punch, how to kick, how to trap, and how to grapple. Unlike MMA, though, the goal in a street fight is usually to remain standing. So that’s where most of our emphasis will be.
Every class is an hour long. Afterwards, there will be a 2-minute break and everyone is free to leave if they feel the need to, or they can stay and train for 30-minutes more.
It’s not all just hitting the pads and sparring. Jeet Kune Do is a laboratory; it’s about experience as much as it’s about technique. You’ll practice dozens of drills that bridge the gap between hitting pads and sparring. In every class you’ll be paired up with someone at the same level as you, and you’ll do several drills to develop specific skills. When it comes time to spar you’ll feel comfortable and completely ready for it.
Many people quit martial arts training because they just don’t like getting hit. They go to class stressed out or leave frustrated. You don’t have to “go all out” and swing for the fences when you spar. Not only is this not necessary, it can actually be counter-productive. At Austin Impact JKD you won’t spar for your first 25 classes. Then sparring becomes optional. Power is kept at a level that is fun for both students. Control is emphasized, and you’ll be required to wear headgear, shin guards, boxing gloves, and of course a cup and mouthpiece. We start you out with some basic controlled sparring drills before you progress to regular sparring. Down the road, you’ll have the option of bringing in clinch fighting, takedowns, and ground-fighting. Again, the most important thing to me is that you’re safe and having fun. Everybody works with each other to help each other get better.
We also offer fitness classes 7 days a week, both Boot Camp and Fitness Kickboxing. You’ll get a great workout just from doing Jeet Kune Do, but we spend 100% of the time in class training specifically in Jeet Kune Do–NOT doing conditioning drills like most martial arts schools do. However, if your goal is to lose weight and get in shape, or you just want to supplement your training with conditioning, I recommend adding in some fitness classes. These classes are designed to melt fat and get you into the best shape of your life. And best of all, OUR FITNESS PROGRAM IS FREE TO YOU AS A PART OF YOUR JEET KUNE DO MEMBERSHIP! Our fitness clients pay on average $105 for this program. On top of that, the Fitness Kickboxing class is a great way for beginners to get their techniques down pat, since it’s all done hitting the punching bags and doing the combinations that the instructors call out.

Our attitude is one of camaraderie, open-mindedness, and helping each other learn and grow. If you’re just looking for a place to fight, this is not the school for you. We approach our martial arts training in an attitude of mutual respect, and all egos are left at the front door. Since you’ll be working with a partner, you’ll be acting as their coach and they’ll be acting as yours. The better you help them train, the better they’ll help you. Many of the students here have become best friends outside of the gym. And ALL of them enjoy working with each other. We foster the true spirit of martial arts through the way that we train, as well as through get-togethers like our Martial Arts In The Park events, BBQ’s, and socializing on a very active private JKD Facebook group.


On the street there are no rules. So you never know what situation you may find yourself in. Training becomes a lot more fun when you start training for various situations. Instead of always training to defend against a single, unarmed attacker, with the goal of getting a knockout or a submission, you’ll get to practice defending against multiple attackers, both armed and unarmed. These drills involve sometimes just trying to escape or sometimes even having to defend against more than one person. By constantly changing the rules you get the most realistic street self defense training available and the most exciting training experience out there.


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