12 Jeet Kune Do Principles: Angling Part 2

12 Jeet Kune Do Principles: Angling Part 2

Angling: Drill

Why this drill?
I like this drill because it’s an easy way to train your muscle coordination for the main part of angling for both right and left lead.

It saves the hassle of trying to think too much about what your feet should be doing when you’re trying to do a pivot step.

It also develops the basics of some other movements that we’ll use in the future.

I do this drill a lot with our class as part of a warm up.

Done with a partner, one person throws a Jab-Cross at the other person in the same rhythm as them.

This allows the other person to work their parries with a hit, as well as adding follow up kicks, knees, etc. to the mix.

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