12 Jeet Kune Do Principles: Setting Up Techniques Part 2

12 Jeet Kune Do Principles: Setting Up Techniques Part 2

Selling the Feint
Bruce Lee said that “JKD is built on feints and the actions connected with them.”

When you’re practicing feints, you have to make sure that you’re selling your false attack.

If you don’t feint well enough, your opponent’s going to see it for what it is and, at best, they just won’t react to it.

At worst, they’ll intercept you with their own attack during your feint.

When I faint, I tell myself that I’m actually throwing the punch or kick.

Then, after I start the attack, I quickly switch to my next shot.

Telling myself that I’m actually attacking on my feint seems to help me actually sell the false attack as real.

But not too much
Having said that, OVER-selling the feint isn’t good either.

The purpose of the feint is to get you a half-beat ahead of your opponent so that you’re firing your next shot while he’s still reacting to your initial feint attack.

Bruce Lee called the use of feinting “Progressive Indirect Attack” because your real attack should pick up where your false attack ended, creating one seamless flow from one to the other.

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