12 Jeet Kine Do Principles: Combination Striking Part 1

12 Jeet Kine Do Principles: Combination Striking Part 1

Linking Strikes Up Organically
My instructor, Sifu Chris Kent, used the term “Organic” a lot when teaching us how to string combinations together.

Tying strikes together with movements that blend into one another gives them speed and power.

There are also some combos that work well BECAUSE they don’t naturally pair well with each other and are, therefore, unexpected.

Bruce Lee taught a training model that goes as follows:

1. Synchronization with Self
2. Synchronization with a Partner
3. Synchronization under Fighting Conditions
Start by synchronizing your combinations with yourself by exploring what flows naturally together for you.

Then you can look for ones that are a bit more unorthodox but seem to work well in sparring.

3 Strike Combos work Best
Mark Hatmaker did an exhaustive study of MMA fight videos.

He found that, statistically, the 3rd strike a fighter throws has the best chance of landing.

Pretty cool.

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