12 Jeet Kine Do Principles: Combination Striking Part 5

12 Jeet Kine Do Principles: Combination Striking Part 5

Using Head Movement to add Safety & Power
After about 3-5 strong punches your speed, power, and endurance will start to wane a bit.

This has to do with the way our bodies store and use fuel in the muscles.

It’s also about this point when your opponent is likely to launch into his own counterattack.

Adding some head movement allows your arms to recover and helps you get out of the way if your opponent does fire.

By stringing punches and kicks together with head movement you can fire off a much longer combination, adapting for any openings your opponent starts giving you.

It’s a great tactic for being able to stay in the pocket with someone and stay offensive.

It’s important to be comfortable with what’s available to you from each defensive move, so you can move constantly between defense and offense without any time spent trying to think of what to throw next.

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