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Although there are no “fixed” combinations in Jeet Kune Do, I’ve found it helpful to start beginners off with these basic 10 punching combinations.

Boxing Combo List

Why these 10?
This list has a lot of things built into it, including an easy way for beginners to learn their basic punches. The first 2 combos are 2 straight punches. Combos 3 & 4 are your Hooks and Crosses. Combos 5 & 6 put the 3 punches together. Combos 7 & 8 add in Shovel Hooks. And combos 9 & 10 give you your Rear Uppercut.

It’s economical, so you can spend more time training and less time calling out combos (and thinking of combos). For instance, when holding mitts for someone, instead of saying, “Jab, Jab, Cross, Weave, Cross, Hook, Cross, Shovel Hook, Head Hook, Cross, Round Kick”, you just say “2, Weave, 4, 8, Round Kick”.
You probably noticed there are no kicks in this list. Kicks are slower than pun

ches and aren’t usually thrown as large combinations, like punches. Therefore, it’s more useful to simply add kicks to these punching combos.
These are your “staple” punches. They flow easily and mix well with most other techniques. Although there are plenty of other punches in JKD that are just as useful, again, I find it best to fit those other techniques around these “staple” combos.
Learning The Combos
I created a video for you to shadow box or hit a punching bag to:

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