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    We proudly serve the Austin, Pflugerville, and Round Rock areas! Come see the programs and deals we have to offer. Adult Martial Arts, Group Fitness, and SO MUCH MORE! Fill out the "Request Information" form on the side of the page and stop in for a visit today! Don't forget to click below to visit us on our social media pages!! Facebook Google+ ....

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  • 12 Week Fun & Fit Challenge!

    12 Week Fun & Fit Challenge!

    12 Week Fun & Fit Challenge! We are coming up on the end of the year and many of us (myself included) have left some of our New Year’s Resolutions from the beginning of the year by the wayside. But there’s still 3 more months left to go. And with that in mind I’m creating a new program: a 12 Week Fitness Challenge! I know this is short notice. I just decided to do this not very long ago. But I’m starting it on the last day of September. That way it’ll end just before the holidays. This program is absolutely free, so there’s no excuse to joining at least as far as money is concerned. Yet I plan on putting in as much value as you would expect ....

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  • Bruce Lee's 5 Ways of Attack: Single Direct Attack (SDA) Part 1

    Bruce Lee's 5 Ways of Attack: Single Direct Attack (SDA) Part 1

    Shortly before his death, Bruce Lee penned what he called “The 5 Ways of Attack”. All attacks can be broken down into at least 1 of these 5 methods. Every martial art uses at least 1 or 2 of them. In Jeet Kune Do it is the goal to develop all 5 of them. Lets focus on the most advanced form of attack — Single Direct Attack (SDA). A Quick Definition Encyclopedia of JKDIn The Encyclopedia of Jeet Kune Do Sifu Chris Kent, one of the foremost experts on Jeet Kune Do, wrote: “Single Direct Attack, or SDA” as we refer to it, represents the ultimate in JKD sophistication. “It is a single offensive action that travels directly from where it is to the ....

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  • 12 Jeet Kune Do Principles: Rhythm Part 2

    12 Jeet Kune Do Principles: Rhythm Part 2

    In this first example, I sped up the rhythm, using the ground as a springboard to relaunch my kick before my opponent has time to recover. In the second example I do the opposite–I slow down the rhythm. Because my opponent is used to a certain timing, I can sneak my punch in after he attempts to block. By messing with rhythm in this way, you can use very simple, basic techniques in very unique ways that keep your opponent guessing and always one step behind you. In this way, speed is second in importance to timing when it comes to landing a shot. ....

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  • 12 Inspiring Bruce Lee Quotes

    12 Inspiring Bruce Lee Quotes

    Bruce Lee was both a philosopher and a martial artist. In fact, to him, they were one and the same. I’ve pulled these quotes from Lee’s Tao of Jeet Kune Do to paint a picture of the depth of his martial art beyond the techniques we cover in class.
    1. The Artist’s Soul
    JKD Quote #6 To express yourself through movement is to be fully present in the moment and to react through feeling. There’s a difference between the way I play guitar (rote memorization of a song) and the way a master like Jimmy Hendrix plays guitar. Through mastery of a discipline, you gain the freedom to fully express yourself in it. 2. Express In Freedom
    JKD Quote #10 We can have ....

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  • "On the Warrior's Path"

    "On the Warrior's Path"

    On the Warrior's Path by Daniele Bolelli has had a huge impact on me ever since I casually picked it up at the public library several years ago. What makes it so great? First of all, it’s not a “how-to ”book –> rather, it’s more of an “applied martial arts philosophy” book. But to even call it that misses the true beauty behind it. He opens the book with this challenge: “If you don’t believe that the martial arts have anything to do with American Indian rituals, surfing, globalization, Tom Robbins’ novels, the destiny of the world, the beauty of nature, and our way of perceiving reality, call my bluff — read ....

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  • The 4 Stages of Mastering a Technique

    The 4 Stages of Mastering a Technique

    I’ve been teaching martial arts for long enough now to recognize some patterns with new students. This article is about the specific process of mastering a technique. Not an entire art. For that I’d recommend “Mastery” by George Leonard. Here’s a picture of what mastering a technique looks like. Perfection of Technique The video at the end of this article will walk you through each Stage individually. Stage 1: Complete Lack of Coordination in a Technique This is the most important stage to understand, because most students never make it past this one. Punching and kicking is a bit intuitive, at least compared to things like grappling. And you ....

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  • New Blog Post

    New Blog Post

    Although there are no “fixed” combinations in Jeet Kune Do, I’ve found it helpful to start beginners off with these basic 10 punching combinations. Boxing Combo List Why these 10? This list has a lot of things built into it, including an easy way for beginners to learn their basic punches. The first 2 combos are 2 straight punches. Combos 3 & 4 are your Hooks and Crosses. Combos 5 & 6 put the 3 punches together. Combos 7 & 8 add in Shovel Hooks. And combos 9 & 10 give you your Rear Uppercut. It’s economical, so you can spend more time training and less time calling out combos (and thinking of combos). For instance, when holding mitts for someone, ....

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  • 5 Ways Martial Arts Have Made Me a Better Person- by Lauren Ellis

    5 Ways Martial Arts Have Made Me a Better Person- by Lauren Ellis

    Not too long ago, I had the privilege of attending a Jeet Kune Do workshop taught by Sifu Chris Kent. Sifu Kent trained under Dan Inosanto, who trained under Bruce Lee himself, so Chris had some amazing insights and stories from back in the day. Although there are a large number of things I took away from that intense (but awesome) weekend, there was one thing Sifu Kent spoke about that has really changed the way I see, well, everything. That one thing was something Bruce Lee based his entire martial arts / life philosophy around, being: Lauren's Quote I’ve been training in martial arts on and off for three years. I started in Jeet Kune Do, dabbled in boxing (with a very ....

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  • Dan Inosanto: Master Teacher

    Dan Inosanto: Master Teacher

    Dan Inosanto is one of the most inspirational men in the martial arts world. His love of martial arts and thirst for learning have put him among the most influential teachers alive. He was a black belt in American Kenpo under its founder when he met Bruce Lee in 1964. Bruce Lee Lee agreed to teach Dan in exchange for being Bruce’s “fall guy” (the guy who gets thrown around) during demonstrations. They became best friends as well as training partners, and Dan became the highest ranking instructor in Jeet Kune Do under Bruce Lee. Although Bruce was Dan’s Sifu, the exchange was a two-way street. Dan introduced Bruce to the nunchakus, going on to say that Lee ....

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