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Welcome to Austin Impact Jeet Kune Do, where you’ll learn the authentic martial art of JKD as developed by the legendary Bruce Lee. Located in the Wells Branch & Pflugerville area of North Austin, we specialize in adult martial arts classes for beginners who want to learn Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do. Known as the "original MMA," Jeet Kune Do offers a dynamic combination of fitness and self-defense and can help make your goals a reality in no time. Check it out today! Just fill out the short form on your screen to get started now!

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Daniel Verastiqui


Lauren is a freelance web designer who joined our class as a fun way to spend time with her husband. She immediately fell in love with JKD and has even started competing.

Lauren Ellis

Lyle is a software developer who seems to always be doing something fun in his spare time. He watched some of our free training videos online and decided he wanted to join.

Lyle Garza

Tony is a musician, a boxer, and a media designer. He created some of the promo videos for our school. He joined our gym to combat stress and get back in shape.

Tony Zamora

Forrest has a very welcoming and friendly personality. You feel like family from the start no matter your level of martial arts.  Try one class, you will love it.

Adult Martial Arts Wells Branch

Bob W.

Austin Impact is a unique training place of men and women trying to become the best person they can, physically and spiritually. Following the principles of Jeet Kune Do introduced to us and created by none other than Bruce Lee. You can call it a brotherhood/sisterhood, tribe, or perhaps fellowship, but ultimately this familia share and are invested in one another. Yes, going in there are foundational stances for powerful kicks, technical boxing techniques, and advancement into Wing Chun trapping and striking combinations, but these are taught in an open and collaborative learning environment by students at all levels and sometimes experienced in a variety of martial arts backgrounds. (I had literally zero training and was recovering from a serious motorcycle accident.) This is a place that teaches you the Tao of JKD to live by better standards and Sifu Forrest is one of the best. This is not a place that teaches MMA fighting from predetermined forms and katas. Forrest is informal meaning approachable, patient as a mentor, a wealth of knowledge, and not too shabby at sparring. Come to try it out, don’t be discouraged by being new, and enjoy the treasure tucked away in Wells Branch of North Austin. The toughest part of changing to a fitness lifestyle is taking that first step, the growth experienced through martial arts is one of the best ways to ensure it is enduring. Or maybe, give the gift to someone else you care about.

Adult Martial Arts Wells Branch

Ron W.

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