Austin Impact Jeet Kune Do


I couldn’t ask for a better group of students to train with.

Finding the right training partners is just as important as finding the right instructor.

The best way to get a feel for the types of people who join our gym is to meet some of them.

Daniel Verastiqui

Daniel is a writer who joined Jeet Kune Do as a way to get in shape, learn something valuable, and recharge after sitting behind a desk all day.


Lauren Ellis

Lauren is a freelance web designer who joined our class as a fun way to spend time with her husband. She immediately fell in love with JKD and has even started competing.


Tony Zamora

Tony is a musician, a boxer, and a media designer. He created some of the promo videos for our school. He joined our gym to combat stress and get back in shape.

Lyle Garza

Lyle is a software developer who seems to always be doing something fun in his spare time. He watched some of our free training videos online and decided he wanted to join.


As you can see, we have students from all walks of life.

Who Isn’t Right For Our Gym?

  • People with big egos
  • People who want to prove how tough they are
  • People who can’t exercise control depending on who they’re working with
  • People who are primarily interested in competing. Competition isn’t our focus–self defense is. We have some guys who do compete, but if that’s your primary interest there are some great schools in Austin that focus more on that.


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