Austin Impact Jeet Kune Do


I got into Jeet Kune Do the same way most people do–as a kid I loved Bruce Lee and wanted to be just like him.

At my uncle’s wedding with a Bruce Lee book in hand








When I was 13 years old, one of my martial arts idols moved to my town and opened up a Jeet Kune Do school a mile away from my house.

I joined on the very first day it opened.

With an ugly mug like that, I had to know how to fight.












The instructor’s name is Sifu Chris Kent.

He’s one of the original backyard students of Dan Inosanto, training in JKD while Bruce Lee was still alive.

Jeet Kune Do Austin TX

My instructor Sifu Chris Kent on the cover of “Martial Arts Masters” magazine.











Over the years I taught with him on seminars and trained almost every day with him.

When I was 21 years old I received my JKD instructors certification and started teaching Jeet Kune Do privately.

Eventually I found my way down here to Austin and started training a small group in the park on Sundays.

Doing a Chi Sao drill at Auditorium Shores.

Doing a Chi Sao drill at Auditorium Shores.








We kept growing and almost 5 years ago we finally rented space inside another gym and opened the official “Austin Impact Jeet Kune Do” martial arts school.

In that time, I’ve continued to learn and grow and expand myself as a martial artist.

I teach the original style of Jeet Kune Do as taught by Bruce Lee, but I enjoy learning other martial arts and I encourage my students to have this same open-minded attitude.











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