Austin Impact Jeet Kune Do


We have programs for self defense, weight loss, or something in between.

Jeet Kune Do

IMAG2066Our Jeet Kune Do classes are taught in a friendly, fun, exciting manner – so, you’ll be treated with respect and courtesy.

We teach practical and effective martial arts. That’s it! But you’ll also be getting a great workout while learning self defense.

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Ukidokan Kickboxing

Ukidokan1Ukidokan Kickboxing is the kickboxing style created by  legendary champion Benny “The Jet” Urquidez.

Sensei Steve Shauger tailors the class to each individual, whether their goal is fitness, competition, or a healthy lifestyle!

These classes are fun and can be a great compliment to your Jeet Kune Do training.

Learn more about our Ukidokan Kickboxing classes here

Fitness Kickboxing

DSC_0090Fitness Kickboxing is an awesome workout!

The class intensity is similar to what you’d get in a fitness boot camp or boxing bag workout class.

All of the instructors are experienced in martial arts, so you’ll actually be learning how to throw real kickboxing punches and kicks.

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Boot Camp

JennyIn our Boot Camp classes we use Kettlebells, Medicine Balls, Resistance Bands and other equipment to lose weight and tone up.

Every workout is unique and fun, and guaranteed to get you results!

And don’t worry–you won’t have someone yelling at you. But you will have the support and encouragement of the instructor and your other classmates.

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