Austin Impact Jeet Kune Do


Austin Impact Jeet Kune Do offers instruction in the art of authentic Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do.

What is Jeet Kune Do?

Bruce-Lee-bruce-lee-120953_690_709 Jeet Kune Do (“The Way of the Intercepting Fist”) is the martial arts style created by Bruce Lee specifically to serve as the most efficient and effective fighting style ever created.

It is the original “mixed martial art.”

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Who is Sifu Forrest Caudill?

Sifu&I 1Sifu Forrest is trained and certified under Chris Kent and Austin Impact JKD is the only Chris Kent affiliated martial arts school in the Austin area.

Sifu Chris Kent is among the world’s top authorities on the authentic art of Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do. So, when you train at Austin Impact JKD, you’ll be receiving the highest quality of instruction.

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What are the students like?

JKDPf2We have students from age 16 to 60.

Anyone can do this… young or old, fit or sedentary, women and men.

All are welcome to come in to try a complimentary class and see how much fun real martial arts training can be!

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What's the gym like?

IMAG2317We are located at 1779 Wells Branch Parkway, inside “Fighting Fit Boot Camp”–a block away from I-35.

We have a 2000 sq. ft. gym with all the tools you’ll need for training.

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