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Kick Stress While Learning To Kick Ass!

Kick Stress While Learning To Kick Ass! As modern society has become more and more technologically advanced we’ve made enormous improvements in almost every facet of life. However, we have also ran into our own set of problems as well. On the plus side, food has become far cheaper and easier to get as society has evolved. Yet on the minus side, we are now facing some really bad diet-based problems such as heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Technology has allowed us to accomplish so much more with our days than we could before. Now I can wake up to an alarm clock, zap a quick breakfast in the microwave, get to my destination several miles away within a matter of minutes, come home to a house that’s heated or cooled to my exact comfort, and then turn on a light to work or read when it gets dark. Technology has also allowed us to become lazier and more sedentary than ever before. Televisions, computers, and cars keep me in a constant state of, well, not moving. And much of the hard work around the house can now be done easily with the help of machines and the like. Unfortunately, our evolution hasn’t quite caught up with our technological prowess. Our bodies still act as though we were still hunting wild animals for food and protecting ourselves from becoming the next item on the menu for something else. When we undergo stress our bodies release a chemical called Cortisol. Cortisol is a fitness junkie’s worst nightmare because it literally turns the body’s muscles into fuel. It burns muscle! It also causes other issues inside of our bodies which make you run down, sick, and even kills you. Why would your body do such a thing to itself? Well, if a mountain lion were to jump down from a tree and give you the ol’ stink-eye which says that you’re about to be dessert your body doesn’t care about your health when you’re 60. It cares about your health in the next 10 mins. So it quickly releases that ugly cortisol into your body to break down important muscle tissue in order to give you a quick spurt of energy to get your a** out of there! Fast forward to today. We still undergo a lot of stresses, as I’m sure you can attest–THAT hasn’t really changed–but the nature of those stresses have changed A LOT. Last I checked not too many people were eaten by mountain lions last year. Yet the majority of us are stressed out by our jobs, by certain people in our lives, and by the less than wonderful economy, to name a few. Our bodies still respond the way they always have. They still release that fat shot of cortisol every time we feel stressed. And in today’s world that’s a lot of cortisol! And what’s worse–instead of burning up that cortisol through movement (i.e. running from a killer animal), it’s often left to course through our bodies for far longer, causing even more damage. The remedy?? Joining Austin Impact Jeet Kune Do! Or just making sure you do SOMETHING to get enough exercise in your day. Ever noticed how people say that one of the things they love about working out is the stress release? Yeah. And this doesn’t mean you have to go “balls to the wall” for 2 hours. In fact, overdoing your exercise can ALSO cause stress. So keep the intensity lighter or keep your workouts under an hour. This’ll be just enough to burn off all that pent up energy and stress from the day and make you feel refreshed and revitalized.   Sifu Forrest

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