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What Is The Warrior Mentality?

There are 2 mentalities in life. One is the Warrior Mentality. The other is the Victim Mentality. The Warrior Mentality is one that takes responsibility for one’s actions and fights for what one wants. The Victim Mentality is one that blames others for one’s actions and gives up easily. Jeet Kune Do and martial arts are much more than just methods of fighting. They’re about learning and growing from the Victim Mentality to the Warrior Mentality. Bruce Lee and every other martial arts master had to make the same journey. When I started JKD my family was on Welfare, Disability, and we didn’t have a car. I showed up to my first JKD class and loved it. I told Sifu Chris Kent that I wanted to join but that we couldn’t afford the full price. He responded with “Tough. If you want to do it bad enough you’ll find a way to pay for it.” At the time it really upset me because I was living with a Victim Mentality and thought he was just being an asshole. But I wanted MORE THAN ANYTHING to learn JKD. So I got jobs mowing lawns for $3-$5 an hour to pay for my classes (that’s a lot of work for a 13 yr old going to school). And since I didn’t have a car I had to ride my bike to and from class every day. I didn’t get home until late and the winters are very cold and I rode a lot in the snow. Over time I came to realize that Sifu Chris Kent didn’t care about my money as much as he cared about teaching me a principle–the Warrior Mentality. In everything in life I can choose to fight for what I want or to give up because I don’t have it as easy as others might or I don’t want to do the work. Remember, YOU WILL DO WHATEVER YOU MAKE A PRIORITY IN YOUR LIFE.
Sifu Forrest

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